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daro daro at posteo.de
Wed Jan 14 08:52:48 EST 2015

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I didn't get to submit my key before, could you still put it on the

Best, Daniel

On Wed, 14 Jan 2015 10:45:58 +1300
Daniel Sobey <dns at dns.id.au> wrote:

|Hello Ewen and list,
|I am suggesting we meet up stairs on the grassy knoll  and then find a
room |(I have not booked anything).
|I am in possession of 20 print outs of all the submitted fingerprints.
|If you have some time before lunch can you find your fingerprint and
make |sure you have it.
|Can you also make sure you have some id as it we have no idea of who
you |are and we don't trust you yet.
|The fingerprints and keys are available from where you submitted your
keys |https://frase.id.au/lca2015
|The idea is not to trust anyone and know that i and everyone else can
be |evil so we need to check and cross check everyhing.
|We will be verifying that the fingerprints that you submitted matches
the |fingerprint on the paper and that i'm not been evil and modified
the |fingerprints to include my own etc.
|Hope to see you at lunch time.
|On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 10:25 AM, Ewen McNeill
<lca at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz> |wrote:
|> On 11/01/2015, at 8:59, Daniel Sobey <dns at dns.id.au> wrote:
|> If you can also add yourself to
https://linux.conf.au/wiki/keysigning to |> show that you will be
attending so we have rough numbers of how many copies |> we need to
print. |>
|> According to the wiki the keysigning is at lunch today (Wednesday
12:20) |> in "TBA".  Is today at lunchtime still the plan?  Has a room
been picked? |>
|> Ewen
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|> Ewen McNeill, via technology from the future

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