[LCA2015-Chat] Radio BoF

Paul Warren pwarren at pwarren.id.au
Wed Jan 14 12:19:08 EST 2015

On 14/01/15 12:04, Paul Warren wrote:
> Time: 20:00
> Location: Auckland Domain, just off Lower Domain Drive, Approximately:
> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pHZ6GM2j1zMkqUhPvV20GpNM1oQ
> I (Paul Warren) will be heading up to the Auckland Domain on Friday
> evening, probably be set up by about 8:00pm, in order to muck about with
> amateur radio, and my OpenRadio board.
> Feel free to come along and have a look, plug your open radio into my
> long wire antenna, and chat about radio, amateur or otherwise!
> --
> Paul Warren

And now I've figured out OSM (which is way easier to share locations
with btw!): Location is approximately http://osm.org/go/uuVhkP63?m=


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