[LCA2015-Chat] Thanks for the donations of tools to Tangleball

Augur augur at orcon.net.nz
Mon Jan 26 21:26:20 AEDT 2015

To those from "over the pond" who left behind tools and equipment to avoid
problems with Customs on your return journey, or to make room in your
luggage for your Open Hardware / Open Radio creations - thanks from the
team at Tangleball who have received some of those abandoned items. I took
some donated stuff down to the makerspace tonight.


For your enjoyment, a snippet of a conversation from the 'space tonight
(slightly editorialized):

"I'm trying to hack into my Samsung Galaxy S4, which I forgot the gesture
swipe pattern lock code for."

"Well, we could take one of those RedHat pens from LCA2015, the ones with
the nice rubber touch point, and attach it to the 3D printer in place of
the hot end, then programme the printer to run swipe pattern sequences
over the phone surface to brute-force it."


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